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 The summer indoor foliage animals conservation should be meticulous following three points:

    Arrangement of spaces: the preferences of the animals of the sun, should put a strong central window the sun. Hi light, cyclamen, cineraria and other animals, but also to give priority to select the layout of sunlight off at. The indoor no ambition at sunny, it would have to do about select relatively bright shining center. The case of shade-tolerant animals, you should set no direct sunlight, are occasionally given the weak light can be. Wall or suspension of animals, such as every 2-4 weeks changed their mind about the status, then regardless of perfunctory animal development is still room atmosphere set off benefits.
    Water supply criterion: The water supply is too many, form one of the reasons for the animal deaths tension. The cold winter climate, the development of the animal when the concept is very much out of luck, basin ground is too wet, animal roots would have been cold damage, root damage, and must incur a dry dead leaves, and thus summer water supply must be cruel restraint, so Pentu often is more boring form. Because the boring of Pentu will due to the animal variety, leaf area, pot raw materials, layout places vary, so the white basin ground surface, as a sign of hard, dry, etc. according to control watering effort like its weekday isolated 3 to 4 days, watering should be warmer in the middle of the night when, to prepare standing water once drenched.
    The Humidity: atmosphere incurred summer leaves lush foliage animals out the most tense, but the atmosphere humidity is not enough. Indoor atmosphere weekdays very boring, easily animals lack of leaf water bud tip mortality. So timely and often during the day warmer effort most Fortunately middle of the night, to supplement the water needed by the animals and external situation to the situation of the foliar spray at night also need to do about the animal enclosures in a plastic bag, moisturizing to animals safe through the cold season.
    The foliage animals not only shapes, and watch the price of blades, snakes and plants, is good indoor green materials.
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